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Chartwell International School
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The revision week has taken its full swing - our students are reviewing hard, with complete focus and smiles on their faces. Not only do we do the paperwork, but are also having fun doing the practical experiments.

Preparing for the assessment week can be so much fun. This can be seen through different activities, for example, in building a Geometrocity in Math and finding different shapes all around us, which was a real adventure. We imagined, designed and built a 3D city using the geometry shapes and worked as a team. We made this amazing city come to life.




Winter is coming and little birds in our neighborhood need our help. Making a bird feeder reminded students to take care of the living things and our environment. We can now be at peace knowing that the birds will make it through the winter with their bellies full.

The following week will arrive with mixed feelings for our students. However, we always praise hard work, give them a pep talk and use various strategies to relax the students. The real importance is that the positive tone is set.


We try to create a positive test-taking environment and "psych up" students for the test. Let us all try to build self-confidence amongst our students; thus, increase our students' chances for success.

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