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Learning about someone so important for Serbian history and literature such as Serbian prince, Rastko Nemanjić (1175-1236) is always very interesting.  Students have learned that, as a monk Sava had not just fought for and got the autocephaly of Serbian church and became its first Archbishop and legislator but  he also built schools, hospitals and monasteries among which the most significant is the Hilandar monastery at Mount Athos.

He travelled through Palestine, Syria and Persia, Babylon, Egypt and Anatolia, everywhere visiting the holy places. It is easy to see a political and rational will in Sava's accomplishments. We must not forget that Sava lived in a different age in which religious devotion and faith were central to the order of the world.  The saint finished his missionary work at Trnovo, Bulgaria and years later he was declared a saint.

The Day when St. Sava passed away January the 27, the church established it as a day when a memory of a character, life and works of the first Serbian archbishop would be marked.

The students in class had fun studying about poems, legends and historical facts about Saint Sava.

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