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Chartwell International School

On Saturday 02 November, Chartwell Secondary School is proud to announce that the students once again organized a successful Charity Event – “Children to Children “- there was a second hand books sale, a sale of arts and crafts made by the students, face painting, photos, games, etc.

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Traditionally Chartwell school organized the annual fund raising bazaar "Children to Children" to once again enable everybody to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Chartwell students managed to raise 200 000 dinars.

What is to be emphasized is how proud we are of our students who literally did it all – from initiating, planning, advertising and in the end carrying it out – they deserve to be commended for the achieved.

Of course they could not have done it without the support of you as parents – so, on behalf of the staff I would like to thank you as well. Thank you for responding to our students’ initiatives and helping us teach them that they can contribute, influence and change the world.

As previously announced, this year the proceeds were invested in the purchase of didactic materials for pre-school children of Zvecanska. Aksa Kids Mega Store supported the project by enabling in purchasing the most for our money, by giving us promotional prices.

The toys and didactic materials were delivered to Zvecanska on the last day of the term.

Thank you all!

Chartwell International School Staff

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At the Christmas Charity Bazaar, 120 000 RSD were collected. The school donated an equal amount and the 240.000 were, as agreed with the orphanage, used for purchasing diapers. Once again a big thank you to all those who have supported our students in their desire to help others!

A fortnight ago, Chartwell Secondary Students gave initiative to the organizing of a Christmas Charity Bazaar. And they did it!!!

They organized it on 13th December in the afternoon – they sold cookies, cakes, Christmas cards, ornaments and bookmarks – all that they had made by themselves, they sold second hand books, toys… they face painted.. they organized photos with Santa, they played, they sang, the choir entertained the audience for a good half an hour with Christmas Carols – all in all it was well organized and successful event! It would not have however been so if it was not for you - all those that attended the bazaar - so a big thank you from the students to all who came and helped them achieve what they did!




With your help they managed to enable the children of Zvecanska to have a merrier Christmas and New Year!

Chartwell Secondary School teachers would like to use this opportunity to say how proud they are of theirs students! You are great!



On 9th October, Chartwell school took part in a humanitarian lunch organized by their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine.

The event took place at the White Palace with the aim to help children hospitals in Serbia. Still, needs for hospitals and their facilities in Serbia are great, especially when facing a vulnerable group such as children in need.

Our School has been very active in helping various projects over the years and continues to pursue an idea of aiding all humanitarian projects which support children in need.

Amongst other schools, banks and individuals, Chartwell has been recognised for great support and generosity.

As we have already informed you, every year Chartwell International School is involved in charity work and this year charity is directed towards Zvecanska –the largest Children's Home in Belgrade looking after under privileged children, orphans, Roma children, and children with special needs – specifically to the section working with young people from the age of 15 to 26.

Secondary school students undertook this task seriously- they visited Zvecanska, talked to the management and the teachers there, held meetings after school, organized collecting of second hand clothes, shoes…They are planning to, after the Christmas break, go to Zvecanska again, and to decorate their halls by painting them. There are other plans as well, but these will be revealed at a later date.

As far as the proceedings gathered at Bonfire night are concerned, we have talked to the management of the center and at the moment they were looking for a way to equip their so called “Creative workshop” - they needed paints – temperas, acrylic paints, construction paper, colored pencils, picture frames, rulers, decoupage napkins, boxes, glitter, etc.

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Chartwell International School used the amount of 150 000,00 dinars which were collected on 5th November 2015 to purchase the equipment that they needed.

On 16th December 2015 our Secondary School students took these to the center.We are hereby thanking you on the behalf of the children and the staff of the Center whose smiles, when we brought in the purchased materials, we wish you could have been there to see. If it had not been for you and your donations we could not have done it!!

Our work continues, so if you have any second hand clothes, toys...anything that you would like to donate please contact the school.
Hope to see you tonight at Christmas Carols – buy a raffle ticket, win a prize and at the same time donate to charity!

Thank you once more on behalf of Zvecanska and on our behalf.

On Thursday 5th November we celebrated the British tradition of bonfire night. This annual event has been a part of British culture since 1605.

Chartwell has made this into its very own tradition and every year uses this as an opportunity to raise money for charity. This year we raised 230 000 RSD for the city orphanage – Zvecanska and would like to thank everyone who came and gave both their time and their money. We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with you all and are very proud to partner with you in doing something so charitable and good for our society.

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On 05 November Chartwell International School organized the celebration of Bonfire Night. Traditionally, the proceedings from these events are intended for charity and this year they are to be donated, as announced, to the Day Care Center for the Children of the Streets. We are proud to announce that 110 000 RSD were collected on the night. At the same time we would like to express our thanks to all those who donated.

The Day Care Centre was visited last week and initially it has been agreed that a part of this sum is to be paid to their catering service and another to be used to purchase soaps, shampoos..and other hygienic products. It has also been discussed that we organize the collecting of second hand clothes – at the moment with the winter coming they are in need of warm clothes. So if anybody has any clothes that they would like to donate please do so by the end of next week at your respective schools – Foundation, Primary or Secondary and we will take it to the Center.

Thank you once again for helping us help others in need. We will keep you updated.

Bonfire 2014 Donation

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Dear Chartwell Parents,

On behalf of the School, we would like to inform you that the money raised from the Bonfire night ticket, together with School’s donation, has been directed towards funding Zvecanska – A Centre for Abandoned Children. The Center has requested that the School purchase three television screens that they need for the daily activities of their children.

Mrs. Mila Vukovic , director of the Zvecanska Centre has expressed her gratitude and thanked Chartwell School for our continual support and devotion to making a difference in the local community.

With kind regards,
Chartwell Management

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Chartwell International School is participating actively in collecting assistance for those who have been hit by the floods. Chartwell School has purchased hygiene products, disinfectants and baby equipment – diapers, food…These arrived during the course of the morning and secondary and primary students formed some 500 packages that have already been taken to a Savski Venac collective center.


Dear Chartwell Parents and Students,

As you are most likely aware of, it has been a very trying time for many people in Serbia in the past few days.

We would like to invite you to bring any supplies that you could donate for the many families who have lost so much from the floods. From Monday 19th May, Chartwell International School will be collecting whatever you can provide.

This could include something like clothes, food, hygiene products, blankets etc. All donated items will be given to the Red Cross to distribute accordingly and we will give full details of all of this in the next Press release.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.