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Chartwell International School

It is in this year, 2016, that Her Majesty the Queen, Head of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth countries, celebrates her 90th birthday. St James's House is marking this milestone celebration, and heralding the best of Britain and the Commonwealth, by producing The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Event's official commemorative album. It is to reflect on the on the 90 years of Commonwealth history with the focus on industry, science royal charters and education.

Throughout the 90 years, her Majesty the Queen has seen significant changes in the realm of education. From the introduction of compulsory education for over 14s to the abolition of corporal punishment and the founding of the standardized National Curriculum, the past nine decades have seen the UK continually breaking new ground. The result is an education system, from early years to adult provision, that is internationally respected. Chartwell International School proudly announces that, recognized among international schools worldwide, as a school consistently implementing the British National Curriculum in educating its students who come from all over the world, has been chosen to be presented in this publication.

The official commemorative album will be distributed to heads of states, ambassadors, leaders of industry around the world. Chartwell international School was also invited to attend the celebration which was held in Home Park Private, Windsor in the Royal Enclosure. The spectacle, which took place in an outdoor arena was impressive, featuring more than 900 horses and 1,500 participants from across The Commonwealth and the Military in a fusion of dance, music, narration and high-octane activity. This invitation, but more importantly the inclusion in the commemorative album, is an honor and at the same time an obligation for Chartwell to persevere in its implementation of the UK program and strive to perfect its methods of teaching even further. Chartwell will endeavour to fulfill the task it has been entrusted with, to educate its students in the manner and with aims prescribed by the British National Curriculum.

Chartwell International School wishes her Majesty the Queen Happy Birthday!