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Chartwell International School
Category: Letters from Parents

letters from parents

Dear Chartwell,

I don’t know whom to address but I am sure it will be forwarded to the right sources!

Being with Chartwell since 2007, I have seen Chartwell grow and develop over the years.

But sometimes things need to be said and highlighted, so today I simply would like to show my appreciation for all the fantastic developments and progresses in Chartwell especially in the past year.

The Serbian accreditation, the Cambridge registration, also the school premises with all the new fantastic facilities for the students (and teachers as I could see on the pictures from the friendship day ), the improved communication, the study material, the website, and as I just read today, 400 books for the library and much more!

And last but not least the individual support and advice from the teachers that we always receive when there is a need.

I am impressed and a proud parent of a student of Chartwell International School.

It feels secure when you, as a mother, feel that your child is in a good school and in good hands.

Thank you!

With admiration and kind regards,
Jossan Geerdink
(‘Nat’s mum’ y10)