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Chartwell International School
Category: Letters from Parents

letters from parents

Dear Mrs Burro,

I hope you had a nice start of the school year.

We have been living in Brussels for couple of weeks now. We had a long relaxing holiday at the Turkish coast first and then we were reunited in our new house. Luna is doing really fine. She liked the new house and the school very much.

She adapted very well to her new environment and her teacher is very happy about her. 

I always thought that the nice start she had at Chartwell was a very positive thing for her attitude towards school life. I would like to than you once more for that. Luna, although she is very happy misses you and her friends very much. 

I would like to attach a photo of the two for you and her friends if you would like to share. We send you a big hug. We think and talk about you.

Greetings to all nice people at Chartwell.