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Chartwell International School
Category: Letters from Parents

letters from parents

Dear Ms. Marija,

I want to express my highest appreciation for inviting our son Karlo-Antonio Moslavac on Chartwell’s Graduation Night and making him feel as unbreakable part of Chartwell’s graduates (2016-2017). I have to admit that it was much more special event for him than his graduation night at his current School. Thank you for reuniting him with his former classmates on this occasion.

If you recall, Karlo transferred into the Chartwell School after our absolutely disastrous and completely nightmarish experience with his previous international school in Belgrade.

I remember our first meeting when I openly present you our situation, and you even taken aback agreed to make an exception and let Karlo try-out for the following school year. Fortunately, you selected him and your action change his young-teenage path.

We as his parents, as well Karlo, feared that he may not fit easily in the new school, but it was not the case. As the year began, guided by your experienced staff (many thanks to all of them) he made excellent academic progress and some very important “bonding” experiences (both with his teachers and his school-friends).

You do remember that when the time came he did not want to leave Chartwell and that he was looking for a foster parent… just to stay in Belgrade and finish his high-school there (Leo’s father was No.1 on the “fostering list”). He strongly resisted to the idea that we have to move from Belgrade and go on another mission.

As you may have guessed, changing schools in the middle of the puberty is never a good situation for any student, especially it was not good for Karlo – much more, in his case it was totally unsuccessful. Wonderful memories on the years spent in Chartwell School together with his Charwell friends made him to survive all transitions during the worst years of his puberty, to survive Moscow and finally to graduate in his current school.

And now, when he finally graduated, I must admit that your constant encouragement, your competent coaching, and your efforts to see that the Chartwell students are healthy and happy teen-students are something that I did not find anywhere else.

Thanks to get to know Karlo quickly.

Thanks for all support and assistance.

Thanks for inviting him on Chartwell Graduation Night.

And many thanks to all of his committed teachers, including Mr. Alek, Ms. Jelena, Geography teacher, English teacher, ICT teacher, French teacher, Art teacher, PE teacher…

And definitely, teaching without heart is like dog-training! The quality of a good teacher is in his/her personality and character as much as their qualifications and experience. Respect for the Chartwell teachers.

What more could parents ask?

What more could I say?

Best regards from Natasha,
Karlo’s mum