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Chartwell International School
Category: Letters from Parents

letters from parents

Dear Parents,

Our children went to Chartwell from January of 2016 to June of 2017, and we could not be happier with the school. We were very sad to have to leave Chartwell as we take our new assignment outside Serbia. In all our assignments around the world, have ‎never experienced such a great school climate as that which exists at Chartwell, and neither have our children learned so much. You will not find a better education or better experience for your children in Belgrade, and the price is most reasonable.

All of the teachers at Chartwell have degrees in education, and they are all passionate about their students' learning. They maintain student discipline while creating fun learning environments. The curriculum is more traditional, with separate classes for English, math, science, history, etc. The classes provide a broad education, while still ensuring deep understanding within each subject.

Corey and Aleksandra Shea