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Dear Parents and Friends of Chartwell School,

As we once again take up the exciting journey to learn and master the English language, it is important that we sometimes pause along the way. The image below, I will admit, is a little hard to read (please don’t strain your eyes!) but in a way humorously captivates the Year 6 English journey.

Apart from students needing to demonstrate proficient grammar and punctuation, Year 6 students will dive into the magic of stories and gain much writing practice. But as the comma above suggests, sometimes we need to take a break so we can better understand. Over the past few weeks, Year 6 students have been refining their skills in grammar and punctuation. We have been ironing out the kinks in their writing skills - and I must say, I am impressed by how much everyone has improved.

IMG 20190919 080914

Now that we have ironed out these kinks, we embark for deeper waters in Year 6 English studies: elements of story. Stories captivate us, they enchant and beguile us. As a species, we have been telling stories for millenia. Stories are, in short, meaningful to us as human beings. For it is there that we come to learn and understand ourselves and the world around us. Thus, it is my sincere hope that students will expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them, as they also find a good book to get lost in.

I am excited to be leading Year 6 into these deeper waters. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good story?

IMG 20190919 094324

IMG 20190919 095938 1

IMG 20190919 095946

IMG 20190919 095957

By Allen Bauman

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