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Category: Primary

Squashing and squeezing, tracing and drawing – all skills are needed while exploring the human body.

Off to a good start, students first made sure they know their basics. What are the major organs? Where are the major organs? What is their shape, and what is their function?

IMG 20191106 094358

IMG 20191106 094551

IMG 20191106 095620

Questions, questions, questions! Still, nothing is too hard for the class talented for drawing and with a classmate that is ready to volunteer their body shape for the greater cause.

IMG 20191106 121351

Liver, it turns out, has many jobs to do! No wonder then that we overestimated its size.

IMG 20191106 121408

Knowledge builds confidence, or so they say. After learning about the digestive process students were ready to recreate the food’s journey through the body. With full focus, it is time cut like incisors and grind like molars, then squash and squirt like the stomach. The sieving comes last. A bit yucky, maybe, but some are willing to do all that it takes to get the needed nutrients.


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