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Category: Primary

Our class, 2A, have been up to lots of exciting things since we came back from the Christmas and New Year break. We have been studying the topic Light and Dark in Science and have done some experiments with light and shadows, as well as learning more about the Sun.

In Maths we have continued with addition and have just started multiplication and have been starting to learn our times tables. This time next week we will be telling the time right on time every time!

In English, we have looked at all sorts of things like poetry, using dictionaries and of course we are continuing with our weekly spelling tests. As a class, we are always reading (as the picture shows) and we are all very good friends.

IMG 20200206 141510

IMG 20200116 150144

We also celebrated Petra's birthday a few weeks ago, with some amazing cakes that her mum brought in. Anđela has just celebrated her birthday and Yui will also turn seven this weekend (8th February). We are looking forward to World Book Day, which is coming up in a few weeks, so we will no doubt be reading even more when that comes around!

IMG 20200113 104759 IMG 20200116 150030

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