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Category: Primary

Hello from the 1B classroom! During our Science class, we began talking about water - where it comes from and the ways we use it.

Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

- We drink it.
- We use water to take a bath.
- We use it to wash things.
- We give water to plants.

After our discussion, we learned about the water cycle and began an evaporation experiment. The students worked really well together, making their first observations and collecting their worksheets together on a clipboard. We will continue making observations over the next five weeks, documenting the rate of evaporation.

1B March2021 1

1B March2021 2

1B March2021 3

1B March2021 4

1B March2021 5

1B March2021 6

1B March2021 7

1B Water cycle illustration

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