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Category: Primary

This week in English, students are exploring an authentic, cross-curricular learning activity: Storyboards! Combining visual arts and literacy, students collaborated, problem-solved and compromised in groups. Students used leadership and initiative skills to delegate roles: Artists, Colourists, Planners, Writers and Leader.

Next, students planned their storyboards by brainstorming and drafting as a team. Finally, they completed their storyboard, on which they summarised their
assigned chapter in 8 chronological, major events. The details in their artwork depicts their deep comprehension and creative visualisation of the story.
Groups will “prepare to share” their Storyboard by applying confidence and preparation to a formal presentation.

Students applied the ability to express, explain and paraphrase implicit and explicit information in a fictional text, while representing it both visually and in writing. Our Year 6 students are proving to be talented readers, writers and artists!

Hello from the Year 6 English class Hello from the Year 6 English class 2

Hello from the Year 6 English class 3 Hello from the Year 6 English class 4

Hello from the Year 6 English class 5 

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