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Category: Primary

Hello from the Y4c classroom! At Chartwell Lower Primary this week is mainly about school outings – having fun and learning along the way. That is why Year 4 paid a visit to the Museum of Science and Technology. The purpose of our visit to the Museum was to elevate students’ awareness of the significance of the scientific and technological culture, as well as to popularize science and its modern achievements.

Students learned that, unlike other museums in Serbia, the Museum didn’t have any initial collection at the moment of the foundation in 1989 so that its fund was collected exclusively by its curators, mainly through gifts and donations. Since its foundation, curators of the Museum have collected more than 5,000 objects, which are classified through different collections students were really amazed by.

We truly enjoyed the exhibits from the collections of early computers, clocks, cameras, radios, various musical instruments, technological prototypes and models. The tour helped us learn about numerous inventions and we surely had the most memorable moments while exploring the amusing interactive showpieces in the Museum play area.


Primary Museum

Primary Museum 2

Primary Museum 3

Primary Museum 4

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CIS Calendar 2023-24