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Category: Primary

This has been a busy time for year 3C. We pretended to be hunter-gatherers and tried to survive the Stone Age by making our own spears to go out hunting for stone Age animals and gather berries and plants.

We made white flowers go blue to investigate how a stem helps transport water around a plant. We danced to a Verb rap song and made envelopes filled with dozens of different verbs.

All year 3 students spiced up the week by having a field trip to Avala. We took a pleasant morning walk in nature, had our snacks in the open air, visited the monument, and went up the Avala tower to enjoy the view.

Busy we were, but we found the time to, in our Art and Humanities lessons, prepare for the UN day and the school is decorated with wonderful children's crafts
and posters about the countries they randomly picked from the hat. However, that is not all! There's more to come about the UN day! :)

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CIS Calendar 2023-24
CIS Calendar 2023-24