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Category: Primary

The month of March was marked by many events, but one stood out above the rest: the Year 4 visit to the Celtic Village in Indjija.

The pupils were welcomed by a guide dressed as a Celtic Druid, who showed them around the grounds, including a tour of the mini museum, the pottery and bakery and the wishing well. The pupils learned about the history of the Celtic people and about their way of life.

Amongst the many workshops available, our pupils participated in the mosaic workshop, where they let their creative juices flow and put together marvelous mosaics. I believe Minha spoke for everyone when she said, “We made mosaics and it was really fun and cool. I liked when we went to the wishing pond and I wished for many things.”
We highly recommend other year groups to go to the Celtic Village, because our pupils had an amazing time!

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CIS Calendar 2023-24