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Category: Primary

This week Year 6 English students began their Poetry unit! To get their minds activated, students completed an engaging, kinesthetic Poetry Walk. The classroom was decorated with poems.

After students drew a poetry-based mind map in their notebooks, they circulated the classroom to explore many diverse poems. They expressed their findings in their graphic organiser. While cosy jazz music played in the background, students read as many poems as they could, discussed them with peers and received prompting from their teacher to encourage critical thinking. To consolidate learning, the mind map was taken up as a class, with students applying their learning and understanding from the Poetry Walk. Finally, students were pleasantly surprised to uncover a little riddle by Lemony Snicket (their recent favourite author of their “A Series of Unfortunate Events” novel study read-aloud) within the mountain of poems dispersed throughout the class.

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CIS Calendar 2023-24
CIS Calendar 2023-24