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Chartwell International School
Category: Primary

Congratulations to all the students of Chartwell Upper Primary for their incredible performances at the Talent Show! It was a truly memorable and enjoyable evening for everyone involved.

Congratulation to the Year 5 students who put on two wonderful plays. Seeing young talents stepping onto the stage and showcasing their skills was fantastic. The play based on everyday school life and the importance of proper English language usage was both entertaining and educational. Additionally, the play that explored the meaning of true friendship and the appreciation of the little things in life was a valuable lesson for everyone.

The Year 6 students deserve a special mention for their remarkable performance of a modern version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Shakespearean plays are no easy feat, and it's commendable that they took on the challenge and delivered a memorable adaptation.

The musical talents showcased at the Talent Show are truly impressive. The virtuoso piano and violin performances were breathtaking. It was also wonderful to hear songs and poetry in French and German and to see some modern dance performances.

Lastly, a big thank you to the Chartwell choir and Ms. Teodora, the music teacher, for their contribution to the evening's festivities. Their efforts to make the event more magical and enjoyable are greatly appreciated.

Congratulations once again to everyone involved, and we hope this wonderful tradition continues to inspire and bring joy to all in the coming years.

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CIS Calendar 2023-24