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Category: Primary

To end a wonderful year that our year 5 students had, they prepared a jaw-dropping adaptation of the one and only ‘Mary Poppins’ with their teachers!

However, this was not an ordinary play - there were 3 Mary Poppinses, 3 Berts, 3 Janes, 3 Michaels, 2 Mr. Bankses, 2 Mrs. Bankses and a multitude of other characters on stage, joined by our wonderful choir (it is a musical, after all) and our amazing dance crew.

The beauty of it is that the play originated from the Y5 English classroom and was based not only on the movie, but also on the book and the way students analysed the novel and their observations and conclusions. To add more flavour, another character was added to the play - Mrs. Pamela Travers, the author of the book, and her sharp comments about our performance, which originated from our analysis of her life, backstory and inspiration, and the movie ‘Saving Mr. Banks’.
Combining all these elements, with over 60 students involved in the play, their amazing effort in acting and costume design, we couldn’t have imagined a more unique way to end this wonderful school year!

What Pamela Travers and Mary Poppins taught us and what we will always remember is that a spoonful of sugar does indeed help a medicine go down, that imagination and magic are no less real than reality, that luck follows those who believe in it, that children are sometimes much wiser than adults believe and that sometimes we all need a bit of saving and help, and that it is fine.

Well done, Y5!


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CIS Calendar 2023-24