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Chartwell International School
Category: Secondary

On October 3rd, Ms Ivana and Mr Srdjan - Art & Design and Media Studies teachers, took Year 11 and Year 13 students to the retrospective exhibition of a performance artist Marina Abramovic, at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

They got familiar with the diverse artwork of the famous Belgrade-born artist - her photos, performances, short films and items exhibited - from the period of the mid-20th century, until today. Students were able to see her performances and to become a "part of them" by sitting against each other the way Abramovic did in MoMA, in New York; To try the "special bench" with two huge crystals "releasing an energy" to those who lie in between - on a bench; To "count rise" on a long table, to open a "book of dreams", or to watch a documentary - Ms Abramovic's interview, about her art.

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