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Chartwell International School
Category: Secondary

Traditionally Chartwell Secondary Students gathered together parents, teachers and students and filled Radisson hall with powerful emotions and music celebrating once again poetry, the art form that Samuel T.Coleridge has defined as "the best words in the best order'.

Sipping on wine,coffee, etc guests enjoyed an hour of interplay of words, rhythm and an overflow of emotion as our students recited and sang in various languages thought at the school.

A lot of people were involved to make sure that the evening came out just right, but our true stars are the students. They should be commended for the achieved. A picture speaks a 1000 words it is said, so enjoy the photographs which were this year taken exclusively by our students who were there capturing those special moments throughout the evening.

Poetry N003

Poetry N006

Poetry N012

Poetry N026

Poetry N027

Poetry N028

Poetry N029

Poetry N034

Poetry N035

Poetry N038

Poetry N038

Poetry N039

Poetry N040

Poetry N042

Poetry N046

Poetry N050

Poetry N052

Poetry N062

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