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Chartwell International School
Category: Secondary

Traditionally, the first week of December is dedicated to Science and once again Chartwell students visited the largest Science Festival in this part of Europe. This year, the 13th Science Festival under the intriguing Reveal theme tried to debunk all those popular myths and misconceptions that have become part of our daily lives.

Students had a chance to observe and to be a part of many interesting experiments and to discover new things. They learned more about Apollo 11 Mission and had a chance to see the interior of the original spacecraft.

IMG 20191205 101710

They enjoyed the magical world of light and fluorescence and had a lot of fun learning about refraction and reflection of light by using prisms, filters, and optical lenses. Students who were brave enough met habitants of the desert areas, snakes, tarantulas, iguanas and the hidden world of microorganisms. Some of the common myths were revealed and we found the answers to the popular questions: Is the Earth really flat?, Can bananas be radioactive? Is the theory ofevolution real? What is in the food we eat every day?

IMG 20191205 103435

IMG 20191205 103917

IMG 20191205 111508

As always, students had a lot of fun and they are looking forward to the next Science Festival to learn more about the world around us!

IMG 20191205 111208


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