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Chartwell International School
Category: Secondary

The warm and sunny autumn has also given us the opportunity to organise a basketball tournament in 3x3, alongside our PE activities. Both students and
the teaches have taken part in this competition, fighting for the trophy in 12 teams.

The top three among them were:

1. I'm lovin' it (Danilo, Lav, Luka)
2. SWS (Stefan, Jovan, Luka)
3. Hydrogen (Urh, Bing, Nikola)

The medals and the cup have been awarded to our best players, but the effort made by the other teams is nothing short of praiseworthy.
Of course, this is only a fragment of what we have planned for this school year. Presently, the students are signing up for the table tennis tournament
which is going to be the biggest one so far, by the number of the competitors. Over 50 students and teachers will be competing for the prestigious prizes. Good luck everyone!




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