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Chartwell International School
Category: Secondary

UN day celebration has brought a sense of diversity and a colorful mix of traditions.

Last week, Lower Secondary students, researched the United Nations during their history lessons, but also in their Art and ICT classes where they used both their knowledge and practical skills.
Year 9 students took part in a model activity, simulating the General Assembly of the UN. Students represented different countries and engaged in discussions and debates on pressing global issues, such as ecology, clean water, and human rights. This gave them a firsthand experience in diplomacy and international relations.

On top of that, our students were invited to bring various national dishes from their respective countries and share them with their friends and classmates. Food is considered to be a universal language that everyone can understand, thus sharing this meal, all of us at Chartwell International School, feel even more connected to our own heritage as well as each other.



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CIS Calendar 2023-24