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Category: Secondary

German language at A level presents an excellent opportunity for developing analytical skills through the study of literature. Incorporating literary analysis into classes can significantly enhance students' understanding of the language and its nuances, while also fostering critical thinking abilities.

To enrich the analysis of a respective book, various strategies are incorporated in lessons such as close reading, character analysis, analysis of themes and motifs, literary theory and interactive discussions where students can share their interpretations of the text, engage in debate, and critically evaluate each other's perspectives. This promotes active learning and allows students to refine their analytical skills through dialogue and exchange of ideas. Incorporating these strategies into classes can help students develop a deeper appreciation for German literature while honing their analytical skills and fostering a greater understanding of the complexities of language and storytelling.

To further enhance our classes and allow an even more in-depth understanding of the book "Zweier ohne" by Dirk Kurbjuweit, Ms. Jelena, Chartwell Secondary Psychology teacher was invited to be a guest speaker at one of the lessons. She gave a talk on adolescence, which was a valuable resource for exploring the psychological dimensions of characters and themes within the text, further enriching the analysis and discussion.

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CIS Calendar 2023-24