Chartwell International School

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Chartwell International School

The Chartwell Pre-School is situated in Dedinje – a beautiful shady residential area of Belgrade located within 10min walking distance from the Chartwell Primary School.

The main building is reminiscent of a gracious by gone era. It sits well back from the road, thus ensuring a quiet and tranquil area for playing and learning.

Pre School Our Campus 1

Chartwell Preschool Our campus 139

The play grounds, which are green and spacious, are divided into two areas. The lower ground has a huge green lawn which is great for PE classes, football practise and other games and activities. The jungle gym and climbing pyramid are situated in this area. Children are also able to access bicycles and scooters to use on the cement track.

The upper area is mainly designed for the younger children with a huge sandpit, swing Wendy house and a variety of small cars. Our garden patch is used by all the groups where the children are fully involved in the planting and nurturing of herbs, flowers and vegetables. An activity they thoroughly enjoy. 

Pre School Our Campus 2

The grounds of the pre-school are conducive for environmental awareness with many plants, trees, birds, squirrels and insects being part of the natural outdoor environment. It is a wonderful place for many activities and investigations in which children use their senses to gather information and form conclusions about the world around them.

Chartwell Preschool Our campus 103

Chartwell Preschool Our campus 100

Pre School Our Campus 3