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Chartwell International School
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It is our greatest pleasure to present our newest projects - two new buildings constructed in accordance with and meeting the highest and the most modern school standards.

Presenting 1

The first major investment for the 2020-21 school year is a new primary building in Tolstojeva. Together with the existing one, it accommodates students from year 1 to year 4. This new building encompasses four levels and is connected to the current Lower Primary building. Its area is 900m2, with a maximum capacity of 220 students. It has 12 classrooms, an IT lab, Art classroom, space for learning, dining area.

The second investment is a new building for the upper secondary students - Years 10 to 13, which is situated in Aleksandra Stamboliskog Street. It is a four level facility, with the total area of 2250 m2 - the capacity of the building is 380 students. There are 21 classrooms in the building, IT and Science lab, ART classroom, library, study hall, dining area, sports fields.

Both buildings are furnished with contemporary school furniture and state-of the-art educational equipment. Modern installations and electro-installations have been put in, a class 6A IT network, floor heating and the VRF heating and cooling system with fan coil appliances. Considering the climate change era that we live in, the era of pandemics and air pollution, both buildings are equipped with the most modern technology for treating and purifying air through HEPA Class 9 filters, UV lamps and ionizers of air. With these canal air purifying systems, our students are enabled to reside in spaces with fresh, purified air with no allergens. This increases the focus of both teachers and students, it eliminates tiredness and headaches, humidity and draught.

Also, some changes have been made to the Tolstojeva's playground, to compliment the snack and lunch recess periods. We added some facilities tailored to meet the age requirements and make students' playtimes an enjoyable pastimes.

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