Chartwell International School

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Chartwell International School

Chartwell International Primary School is situated in the heart of the beautiful Belgrade diplomatic community of Dedinje. 

Chartwell Lower Primary is situated at Tolstojeva 54 and Chartwell Upper Primary at Lackoviceva 6. 

primary campus 0Chartwell Lower Primary,Tolstojeva 54

Chartwell Upper Primary Lackoviceva 6

Chartwell Upper Primary, Lackoviceva 6

The campus stretches nearly 8,000m², consisting of the two school buildings, a spacious multipurpose sports field, and an enclosed sporting facility. The school’s playground is surrounded by lavish greenery and the environment is situated away from main roads and distractions

primary campus 1

The sports field allows for football, handball, tennis, dodge ball, various forms of baseball and American football, to name just a few. The greenery and natural environment surroundings allow the students to take time-out from the trials and tribulations of the day to have rest and play. 

primary campus 2

primary campus 3 

primary campus 4

Primary Our campus 1

Primary’s outdoor classroom is an extraordinary resource! This environment allows our students to enjoy connecting to the natural world around them while still participating in class lessons. An outdoor classroom enables a student to learn in a way not possible in a traditional indoor classroom. It allows students to be more expressive and creative!

primary campus 5

Class overview Year 4

primary campus 7

primary campus 8