Chartwell International School

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Chartwell International School

International curriculum

Appropriate and relevant internationally, Cambridge Primary has been designed to be culturally sensitive. It includes top-quality teaching and assessment resources appropriate for teaching and learning in local and international schools.


Cambridge Primary complements a range of teaching methods and curricula. No part of the programme is compulsory and schools have freedom to choose the parts that best suit their situation.

Foundation for secondary education

Cambridge Primary helps identify a learner's strengths and weaknesses and can be used to support learning and development. It prepares learners for a smooth transition to Cambridge Secondary 1  and for progression to other educational systems.

Comprehensive support for teachers

Support includes face-to-face and online training, curriculum frameworks, teacher guides, lists of resources and a secure support site.

Structure of a Cambridge Curriculum programme

Cambridge Primary programme provides a core curriculum of three subject areas (English, Mathematics and Science), leaving plenty of flexibility to further broaden the curriculum. Cambridge curriculum frameworks reflect the teaching targets for each year group and provide comprehensive learning objectives. The learning objectives provide a structure for teaching and learning and a reference against which learners’ ability and understanding can be checked. It is not compulsory to study all of the subjects and schools can select the elements that are right for their learners.

Cambridge Primary programme is: