Chartwell International School

Chartwell International School

Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 class! It is a space designed to nurture friendship, good working habits, creativity and critical thinking skills. It is very important for our early learners to develop the love of learning and to feel safe and confident in their classroom. In the first trimester we put stress on building essential social skills and learning school rules, whilst students are introduced to phonics and basic numeracy skills.

Class overview Y1

The curriculum is well balanced and provides our young learners the opportunity to thrive and become independent learners and thinkers.  We work in small group settings and provide differentiated instruction and individual approach, to meet our students needs. We learn through games, hands on activities and educational arts, and we consider learning as an adventure where many brains work together to create, discover and question the facts of life and the world around us.

We strongly believe that only a happy, enthusiastic learner can achieve  its full potential, develop love of learning and good working habits, and grow into  lifelong learners and good citizens. 

Year 2

Year 2 is a very diverse class this year, with students coming from 13 different countries. Every day we learn about each other’s habits and customs and share our thoughts and experiences, the classroom being our safe place. As we put main focus on the three core subjects, English, Mathematics and Science, we also engage in activities to work on the development of social and emotional skills.

Class overview Y2

Students prefer working in teams or groups where they have plenty of hands-on experience and an opportunity to learn and cooperate with friends who think alike and those that disagree with us. However, a great effort is invested in helping students become independent learners.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and express their opinion, make mistakes without feeling they have failed and discover the learning style most convenient for them.

Year 3

In Year 3, we are fortunate to have children whose ancestry spans on three different continent: there are children with Korean, Japanese, Italian, Irish, American, French, English, Dutch and Serbian heritage. In our class, we often learn in groups, but also through songs,  experiments as well as games. With different points of views on issues, but readiness to learn and respect each other, we're constantly expanding our understanding of the world, and how things can be done.

Class overview Y3

We are so grateful to have such engaged families who frequently visit our class to  share stories about their cultures, professions, or personal interests. So, one of our classmates' mother recently taught us about beautiful Japanese architecture, design, dances, origami, writing and even sweets. Another fantastic mom held an interesting lecture on what archaeologists do, leaving children full of desire to immediately start digging in their backyards. Also, we had an amazing celebration of Valentine's day thanks to cookie baking, Velentine's crafts and storytelling organized by another mom. The latest visit was by one of our pupils' dad, granddad and uncle, who told us amazing stories of castles, food, prehistoric cave paintings, and even adventurous truffle searches in the South of France.

It's really the pupils and their families who make the learning experience so unique and beautiful in our class!

Year 4

It is an enjoyable work teaching Year 4 this school year. The students come from different backgrounds of education and nationality. They are willing to learn, to participate and share their wonderful ideas. The enthusiasm that students show for school and friends, and life in general, energizes our whole classroom and working atmosphere. These students have a tactful sense of humour and use it in class every day, which makes the atmosphere even more pleasant.

Class overview Y4

Year 4 students arrive at school with a big smile each day, a good morning and they embrace new challenges with a positive attitude. Nice manners, respect and hard work is our motto! We are working on grasping new knowledge every day, being good and honest friends, respecting other’s space and time and sharing our thoughts and ideas in an appropriate manner.

Over the school year, it is for sure that the students will still benefit from consistent, continued hard work to keep their academic skills strong.

Year 5

In Year 5, we continue to build the foundations that will give students the tools to think critically, communicate effectively, and to succeed in the classroom.

Class overview Y5

We have students from 7 different countries, which helps give us a broader worldview as we learn about the people and world around us. They have an enthusiasm for school, love to learn, and bring a positive spirit to Chartwell Primary. They are a special group of kids with tremendous talents, gifts, and personalities.

It's privilege to be their teacher.

Year 6

In year 6 with the onset of year 7 looming in the coming year, which acts as a passage way or an initiation to higher education, we focus on being able to operate independently. A major part of this process incorporates problem solving, analyzing, critical thinking, and also self reflection.

Class overview Y6

The ability to successfully work through a problem and logically eliminate unneeded criteria is essential. We also encourage asking questions if needed, but when these questions are asked we do not simply reveal the answer, instead we direct the children is the proper location to find the solution. Urging them to utilize and demonstrate these skills we strive to develop. Most important is the classroom environment, cultivating an inviting atmosphere will definitely facilitate the learning process, and most importantly the retention rate.

We want the children to enjoy coming to school and participating in lessons and discussions, we want them to feel comfortable participating without fear of objection.