Chartwell International School

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Chartwell International School


Chartwell Secondary School is located in the beautiful, quiet, residential area of Belgrade, the overwhelming view of which can be enjoyed from its spacious bright classrooms, with its park like gardens, encompassing not only, quiet shady areas where the hot spring and summer days can be enjoyed, but also sports fields for football, basketball and volleyball.

Chartwell Secondary School is a school not governed by rules. It is governed by respect for others and common sense and this is what makes us unique – the tension free environment, where students and teachers share more than a student-teacher relationship – they talk on breaks, they play sports together, they share and resolve problems, they share their lunches and snacks – they are a family in which all members regardless of many cultural differences respect each other and work closely together to achieve best possible results and to meet the challenges that they will face in a rapidly globalizing and competitive world. Our graduating students leave us to go to universities around the globe and they achieve good results. We are of course very proud of them. However, most importantly, we are proud that they have become good people. People with the right values, who respect themselves and deserve to do so, but also people who have learned to respect those around them regardless of the differences.

The school’s program is the Cambridge International Education Program, based on the British National curriculum. The curriculum seeks a balance between the search for meaning and understanding, and the acquisition of essential skills and knowledge. It emphasizes interdisciplinary enquiry and the all-round development of students. It encourages the comparison of different cultural perspectives so as to develop critical thinking.

The content is drawn from the best of many national curricula, and taught through an international perspective similar to the International Baccalaureate approach.

It seeks to give children the depth and focus of a European curriculum, while simultaneously addressing the issues of breadth and context. It enables students to meet the academic requirements of most school curricula throughout the world, providing a strong adaptability for a child who moves on to other educational establishments.

Curriculum keywords are the balance between skills and knowledge, creativity, community engagement and environmental awareness.

Chartwell works in association with a range of high schools, local and international, which follow a similar educational philosophy. Chartwell pupils can follow their schooling to Cambridge examinations wherever they go in the world.