Chartwell International School

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Chartwell International School

Education encompasses much more than the academic program offers at school. In order to achieve this, the Chartwell students often take the teaching out of the classroom, tournaments are organized and the students are involved in the work of the local community:

That school life is not all work and no play is something that every student in Chartwell can verify.

Chartwell Secondary School students have this year visited:

the Science Fair

theater plays min

theater plays

theater plays min


museum min

art exhibitions

art exhibition min

they explored the city, analyzing the buildings and the architecture…

they explored the city 1 min

they explored the city 2 min

October is the month when traditionally Chartwell Secondary School organizes a photo competition entitled “School life” – every student will have a chance to “play” with the camera for an hour under the supervision of Ms. Ivana. Out of all the photos taken each student will chose three to submit for the competition. Once the photo taking has been completed and photographs submitted an exhibition will be organized and the winner will be proclaimed.

s firstplace

October is also a month when UN Day is celebrated at Chartwell Secondary School

UN DAY 1 min

UN DAY 2 min

This year for the fifth time in row the Chartwell Secondary Students celebrated Halloween with a costume party in the evening. After the initial shyness was overcome, the party was a success, with music, dancing, pizzas, juice, a costume competition… They say that a picture speaks a thousand, so enjoy the photographs.

Halloween min

For years in a row now, Chartwell Secondary has organized a Poetry Reading Evening. Students recite poetry in different languages taught in Chartwell Secondary School - English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, German Russian…. They show how united they are in their enthusiasm and energy of which all of us are proud. The audience is completely mesmerized as the night unfolds and various poems are recited: some humorous, some solemn, some enraged, some melancholic…

This year, Chartwell International Secondary School Poetry Night took place at Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel! Once again we all had an opportunity to be proud of our students. They did it again - they were perfect– they had readily accepted the challenge that was placed in front of them, worked hard and the results were there. They were at their best that night – from the dress to the splendid performance – it was all there – the talent, the maturity, the charm. We received congratulations from many in form of phone calls, letters, etc..