Chartwell International School

Chartwell International School

Chartwell School has a music and drama program. The students have the ability to try themselves out in the genre that best suits their talent. With highly qualified and dedicated teachers, the students are able to develop and perfect their skills, which allows them to express themselves confidently.

Music program is essentially practical and creative. Students in all grades are encouraged to develop their own individual skills and interests in music as well as expand their broad base of expertise and musical knowledge. The curriculum focuses on performing, composing and listening skills. The students have the option of joining the choir or, in case they play an instrument, to accompany the choir or take part in individual music performances.

Drama is recognized as a subject that benefits the learning and development of children. There are three main strands to the effective use of drama: a means to build children’s confidence and develop their social skills; a teaching approach for exploring cross-curricular subjects and issues, and an aid in developing children’s performance and self-presentation skills. These strands often overlap or interact.

Traditionally, five years in a row, Chartwell Secondary students marked the end of the year with an End of the Year School Play –Mama Mia, Hair, Grease, the Lion King left everybody breathless. Parents, siblings, friends, teachers all watched breathless as our students transformed themselves and filled the school with music and song.

Since last year the end of the school year play has been moved from the school premises to the stage of the Belgrade theater.