Chartwell International School

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Chartwell International School

Physical education contributes to the physical, emotional, social, creative, aesthetic and cognitive development of the whole child. The physical education (PE) program presents a variety of activities that will provide students with an opportunity to experience, experiment, and understand a wide range of movement. As students progress through the school and the curriculum, the breadth and depth of each unit (eg, gymnastics) increases, building on previously learned skills and knowledge.


Every year, Chartwell Lower Secondary students have an opportunity to spend a very exciting sports day at Ada. Chartwell students spend an entire day playing basketball, volleyball, golf and rock climbing. It is a day filled with laughter and positive energy.

sport secondary 1

sport secondary 2

sport secondary 3

The best way to relax after the exams and the assessment week is through sport and games. So, a dodgeball and volleyball tournaments are organized every year in Chartwell Lower and Upper Secondary School.

secondary sports 5

secondary sports 4


Chartwell Secondary School Campus has covered sports fields for volleyball, basketball, football, badminton…. The gym has also been equipped for gymnastics – a balance been, climbing rope, ladder, vault, pole vault, mats… There are changing rooms in the gym and lights and heating, enabling the same to be used in all kinds of weather. There is an outside sports field as well. The flood lights make it possible for it to be used in the warm summer evenings as well.