Welcome to the third month of school!
Thursday, November 02, 2017
Dear Parents,

Welcome to the third month of school! We celebrated a great UN Culture week and topped it off with an equally great Shared Lunch on October 20th before going on our one week mid-term break. A week that everyone enjoyed, judging by the smiles that we received as the students came back to school on Monday, October 30th.  

On Tuesday, Halloween, we had many different events for all of the students to enjoy in celebration- Sack Race, Spider Race, Reading Marathon, Pumpkin Ring Toss, Guess Boo and Stack Attack to just name a few of the many. The grand prize for Best Costume will be awarded on Friday, November 3rd which is also Guy Fawk’s Day, when we will also be learning about him.

This month will primarily be focused on getting the students ready for Mid-Year tests, which are during the week of November 27th through December 1st.  The week prior, November 20th through November 24th, will be Revision Week.  The entire week will be dedicated to reviewing what we have covered in class since the first day of school, and what will be on the tests.