Happy Halloween!
Friday, November 03, 2017

Year 8 English

Hm, hm, how to make Halloween even spookier? Take a test! 


This week Year 7 Italian class has made two posters: family (la famiglia) and colours (i colori). Well done! Bravi! 


Like most things in Spain, what the nation borrows from overseas is usually adjusted and transformed into something of their own, not to mention each region puts its personal stamp on it. The same goes with Halloween. Far from being a commercial holiday, the Spanish Halloween is all about honoring the dead and celebrating the continuity of life.

Our dear students Malaïka and Sofìa Y9 made a poster about the Halloween night. After analizing a text related to the topic they were to write a story between 100 and 200 words, which at first seemed to be quite challenging, but in the end they did it. And with great success.

The objective was to use the past tense we learned, Spanish slang and the new vocabulary. And this is how the story begins: 'Last year I celebrated the Halloween night at my friend's house that was located in the middle of nowhere deep in the woods. Suddenly, we noticed something moving....' Who wants to know what happened next he/she should ask them to translate the rest of the story.

Estoy tan orgullosa de vosotras, mis queridas estudiantes!

As always Halloween in Secondary is lots of fun