Field trip to Mali Dunav
Friday, October 20, 2017
Mali Dunav was an interesting experience. There was a variety of animal life forms. We saw the lifestyle of different animals and plants. Some of our favorite animals to see were the turtles and ducks. We watched a movie about the life cycle of a fish in the Drina river. Ljubica was the name for the main actor of the fish. After we saw some ducks we went to the lake to fish. We visited two small islands. One of them was an island with a fisherman house. Also on that island there were goats and rabbits and chickens. The other island was the island of evolution. We saw the order of lifeform to walk the earth. Before we left the facility, we went on a short boat ride on a tiny lake. Overall the experience was interesting and fun. We advise you to visit the area for yourself!

Year 8B