Halloween with a series of spooky activities!
Thursday, November 02, 2017
For our Halloween day the children have  had a fang-tastic day learning and embracing Halloween for what it really is. The children had come in the morning all dressed up in different scary costumes that looked very scary and spooky. We started off our day with the children participating in activities, either that being making pumpkins out of mandarins or making finger nails out of chocolate and bread sticks. The teachers prepared the activities for students.

The students took part in the activities during period 4 and 5, first they watched a short movie then we had divided the children transitioning them between three stations. The groups were divided by the 3 year groups. Year 1 activity was making a spider web out of black yarn and also pinning spiders on the black yarn. Year 2 activity was monster crafts, were they decorated Halloween themed magnetic photo frames, and last but not least Year 3 held a scary story time where teachers read a scary story to the children.

Also a big thank you goes out to  Andjela’s mum Ana for coming to school on Halloween day and reading a spooky story to the children, also for helping in the morning with Halloween activities.