Bonfire - Notification
Thursday, November 02, 2017
Dear Parents,

Autumn  is here and with November we are reminded of Bonfire Night. This is an event that has traditionally been celebrated at Chartwell International School as a whole school event with a bonfire, fireworks, etc.

It has been estimated that, considering the growth of Chartwell School, this year the event would have to cater for more than 1000 guests.  As Chartwell facilities do not have the capacity to host such a big event in the fashion that would meet the standards that we set for such celebrations and above all the security requirements, this year the event is going to be incorporated into the curriculum at each school respectively. 

The emphasis will be placed on the academic aspect of the event as will be the case with other events during the year  - the students will be taken to museums, exhibitions, theaters, concerts, etc, all with the aim of enhancing the curriculum.   

Best regards,

Chartwell School