Art and cuisine
Friday, November 24, 2017


This week Y 9 - Spanish learned about the food. Talking about food is a natural part of our daily life. 

We prepare it every day for ourselves and our families. We take pleasure in food. We enjoy dinners and picnics with our friends.
We celebrate holiday meals with our family. Food can make us happy. It can make us think of home or remember our grandmothers’ cooking with love. Food can be an adventure when we explore new tastes and cultures. When we first started learning Spanish, we learned the fruits and vegetables. We also learned a few vocabulary cooking related expressions.

But how do native Spanish speakers talk about food? How can you talk about your cuisine, your recipes, how you cook, and how you celebrate holidays with Spanish speakers?

Malaika certainly could try to use the vocabulary we learned with her mum and maybe prepare something especially for her. Sofia, on the other hand, could teach her mum Spanish and compare it to Italian.

Art and Design

Art & Design IGCSE and AS level students (Year 11 and 12), have visited recently the re-opened Museum of Contemporary Art, in Novi Beograd. They were introduced to the 20th century art in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia (paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs), and to the 21st century art in Serbia. Students were taught about the famous painters / paintings and art movements at the time, which they were able to see at the museum, and they actively interacted in the parts of the exhibit they liked the most. When it was opened in 1963, for some time the museum was known as one of the best modern art museums in the South-East Europe.

Scandinavian cuisine

On Monday, 20th of November, y.11-13 students had the oportunity to enjoy Scandinavian cusine and music. This event took place at "Kulturni centar GRAD". Students and professors of the Faculty of Philology cooked famous Scandinavian dishes ( köttbullar med lingonsylt, bacalao, pytt i panne, syltede rødbeter, gratiniert blomkål). Sweets were particularly delicious.