News from Secondary
Friday, November 10, 2017


In History lessons this week year 7 were commemorating the Gunpowder Plot by making the posters with all important information about this event in 1605. In England during the reign of James I an act of treason was planned that could have changed the course of British history. At the last moment, the Gunpowder plot was foiled and people in Britain commemorate the traitors- and in particular, the scapegoat Guy Fawkes – every year with Bonfire night. The students were given the presentation and the poster making has been done in both 7a and 7b classes.


Part of Year 8 Serbian group were learning colours, numbers and shapes using this board game. Well done!


Business IGCSE level year 11 was working on financial information and financial decisions. We were learning what do finance department do and why businesses need finance. We have discussed why cash is important to a business and what is meant by cash flow.


Year 13 is analyzing Great Expectations. Well, Teodora is preparing some quotes to support her ideas with. Not much, just a few so far.