All about me
Monday, October 02, 2017
F2 children have been exploring the" All about me" topic in lots of different ways. 

Playing games was loads of fun, but it's our creative side that seems to be on a roll as our clever little fingers keep discovering new ways of bringing nice artistic ideas out in the open. Until the time comes to become acquainted with the metric system we loved measuring the world around us using our feet cut-outs.

Once we've finished our house craft, some great households, to our enormous delight, were able to meet for the first time in our classroom.It is the end of September so the time has come to start the serious academic work, but that doesn't bring so much headache as the eternal doubt- a sandwich or a chocolate bar, the question was for some of us.
We enjoyed cooking classes and we learnt one of the most important lessons- sniff before you tuck in!

Somehow we made it through the rainy days and, now that the sun is back, the big garden is all ours!