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F2 Puffins were at the Zoo!


Dear Nursery Parents,

We have finalized our spring theme observing the spring trees. We were observing pictures of a tree during four seasons.

20190525 070959

F2 children had a fabulous time on Friday! They experienced their first sleep over! From getting a cinema ticket to watch 'The Secret Life of Pets'. Then having a very long outside play in the F1 playground.

20190517 085802

The Meerkat group have been learning about 'The Water Cycle'. We connected a variety of 'hands on learning' along with small discussions about each stage of the Water Cycle and how it helps plants and animals.

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On Thursday the children went to the Botanical Garden, where they could see both plants that grow in Serbia and plants from different parts of the world, small plants and tall trees, plants that we love to eat and dangerous poisonous plants.

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