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Chartwell International School

The F1 children enjoyed this topic for the past two weeks and had fun doing car paintings, making airplanes out of wooden sticks, making trucks, cars and boats out of different shapes. We also made cars from recycled rolls and bottle tops.

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Last week Chartwell International Pre-School students had a fantastic time at Music workshop ‘Magic Flute’ at Kolarac! We watched a lovely Musical Show after and we explored different Musical Instruments along with moving different ways to music.



This week the Nursery children have enjoyed some activities which highlighted our 'senses' topic.

In the circle time we sorted rough and smooth items, hard and soft items, we observed our hands and some objects with the magnifying glass. We were also smelling some different flavours like cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, lemon etc.


Our theater trip turned out to be a wonderful experience for all (teachers included).

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