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Well, what a first half-term we have been having!

20190920 115208

Last Friday, the Y1 students had the privilege of going to “Mali Dunav” or “Little Danube” to learn and be motivated to practice agriculture and activities connected to the aquatic environment (hydrobiology, fishery, aquaculture, geography, hydrology, etc.).

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Dear Parents and Friends of Chartwell School,

As we once again take up the exciting journey to learn and master the English language, it is important that we sometimes pause along the way. The image below, I will admit, is a little hard to read (please don’t strain your eyes!) but in a way humorously captivates the Year 6 English journey.

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Dear Parents and friends of Chartwell School,

First day of school brought us all a big rejoice! It was a great joy to see all the familiar faces and an exciting day to welcome the new families to our community.

20190412 151106

Nikola Tesla Day - A day of science around the world.

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