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Chartwell International School
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Looking back at term 1 through our colourful camera lenses we have noticed that we have learnt quite a lot and had double the fun doing it.

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As we come to the end of the calendar year and the end of the first term leaving the first three months behind us, let's whip out all the reasons why we should be proud of ourselves.

Year 5 English 5

Year 5 have been very busy this term having fun with grammar, learning how to make our writing more engaging and effective and improving our reading comprehension skills. (commas for lists)

Y3 1

With mid-term break just around the corner, year 3C students used these last couple of days to study hard, be good friends, share ideas, be creative and do all those things that make them grow in every sense of the word.

20210927 105032

Year 2c have been playing with numbers as we revised what we had learnt last year and started to add fresh knowledge.

CIS Calendar 2023-24
CIS Calendar 2023-24