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Young Ecologists 1

Who says that Adding and Subtracting is boring?!

Great Mathematicians Poets And Scientists 1

Another busy and fun week for us!

Hello From Year 2 0000010111239

Very Productive And Fruitful Day 1

Globally, unhealthy dietary patterns and sedentary behaviours are known as leading risk factors for health and wellbeing. Rapid urbanisation, changing lifestyles, and increased production and ready availability of highly processed foods have shifted people’s dietary patterns. This type of diet has increased the consumption of fats, energy-dense foods, and for many people, the inadequate consumption of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Music Lesson

Today, during Music class Year 3a students have been exploring the difference between an electric and acoustic guitar. Students have also learnt how to tune an instrument. Afterwards, Luka played "Smoke on the water" by Deep Purple for his teachers and classmates.

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