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Chartwell International School

After the challenging test where the students learned how to describe their physical appearance as well as their character qualities, year 7 a,b and c showed everything they learned on the field through some competitive activities after which they got their test results. I have to say I feel very proud, because some of them excelled and even managed to write a 150 word essay.

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On 25th March, Monday, the school organised a group trip to the theater.

The musical 'Love and Fashion', created by the motives of the same blockbuster movie from '60s, is not just a colourful spectacle with cheerful retro songs, but also a story of enthusiasm and optimism, a reminder of some basic ethical and emotional values, that are now mostly non-existent or rather neglected.



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Animals - a topic so common and heavily exploited, yet incredibly inspirational to many : the cartoonists, the painters, the book writers, and also my year 7a students who exploited a side of it you might not have seen before.

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Pi is the most studied number in mathematics. Pi is an irrational number and, by definition, it is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. In other words, Pi equals the circumference divided by the diameter. It does not matter how big or small the circle is, Pi remains the same. Pi is often written using the symbol π and is pronounced "pie", just like the dessert.

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