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Lecture 1

In April, as part of the Design and Technology and Art course, students of Year 7, 8 and 9 had an opportunity to see a documentary photography exhibition, promoted by the Cervantes Institute in Belgrade and partly sponsored by the Spanish Embassy in Belgrade.

IMG 20190418 102658

Year 7 students learned about the concepts of area and perimeter.

IMG 20190409 154040

Last week Years 8, 9 and 10 students taking Italian celebrated the World's Carbonara Day by making real Italian Carbonara.

IMG 20190410 110809

Chartwell International School is proud to announce that for the first time this year, we are offering to our students something totally new.

Saint Sava

Learning about someone so important for Serbian history and literature such as Serbian prince, Rastko Nemanjić (1175-1236) is always very interesting.  Students have learned that, as a monk Sava had not just fought for and got the autocephaly of Serbian church and became its first Archbishop and legislator but  he also built schools, hospitals and monasteries among which the most significant is the Hilandar monastery at Mount Athos.

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