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Chartwell International School
Poetry N052

Traditionally Chartwell Secondary Students gathered together parents, teachers and students and filled Radisson hall with powerful emotions and music celebrating once again poetry, the art form that Samuel T.Coleridge has defined as "the best words in the best order'.


UN Day is one of Chartwell’s traditionally celebrated events. This year, once again, teachers and students integrated the UN Day into the curriculum, where they focused on their origin, country and nationality.


On November 5th, year 8 and 9 students marked the Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) by making comics about the events that had happened in 1605 – the Gunpowder Plot.

Basket 3

At the initiative of the Student Council, an international school basketball tournament was organized - 4 schools took part.

IMG 1048 3

One of our Year 9 students spent 10 days in The Investigational Center Petnica.

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