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Teachers Day Min

Today is World Teachers' Day and we would like to extend, on this wonderful day, a heartfelt and sincere Thank You to all of our teachers here at Chartwell International School and around the world. Let's take a moment to appreciate all of the teachers that sacrifice for a better tomorrow. We appreciate all you do!

Thank You!
Toward excellence!


Hello 1

A cool day, skies watery and a pale gray. I walk outside sidestepping a few murky puddles.

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Hanging Mobile Book Reports - our fun English project.The students had to make a hanging mobile book report that included having nine cards hanging from your mobile and one at the top (ten total).

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Positive group experiences and cooperative learning have been shown to contribute to student learning and overall success.

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Our class, 2A, have been up to lots of exciting things since we came back from the Christmas and New Year break. We have been studying the topic Light and Dark in Science and have done some experiments with light and shadows, as well as learning more about the Sun.

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